Waste King Legend Series L-111 1/3 HP Continuous Feed Operation Garbage Disposer

The L-111 disposer from Waste King is a continuous-feed disposal unit that delivers a modest 1/3-HP power to tackle food waste from a small family or in an apartment.

The Waste King Legend Series L-111 is a more affordable home garbage disposal with 1/3 HP, 1900 RPM which means it is not meant for heavy or large food waste. It comes with a 2 year limited warranty which is not very ideal. The splash guard is removable though can stick out if installed improperly. It is compact and can be connected to a dishwasher. If you can afford a higher HP garbage disposal, it’s worth moving up the power scale to a higher-power model. If not, this is a good product but do not expect it to be able to deal with tough food waste.

Waste King offer some of the best warranties around on their product range and this model is no exception, being backed by a two-year in-home warranty. As a result, this L-111 model is very well-reviewed by customers and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 at Amazon.com

Moving on to the features of this unit: if you’re likely to generate only modest amounts of food waste, then this Waste King model could be the right unit to fit under your kitchen sink. For larger families, Waste King has a good range of disposals offering different power levels, right up to the best-selling L-8000.

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Review of the L-111

The compact continuous feed Waste King Legend Series L-111 with 1900 RPM, 115V, 4 current amps, 1/3 HP, permanent magnet motor type is a small garbage disposal that can handle mostly food scraps. It has its own 36 inch power cord, removable splash guard, positive seal stopper, and is covered by a 2 year limited in-home warranty.

The L-111 Series weighs 8.7 pounds and measure 6.4 inches x 6.4 inches x 13.4 inches. It measure 12.75 inches from the bottom of the sink to the bottom of the garbage disposal after being installed. It is currently selling for around $50 in Amazon and was first released in September 2004. It is easy to mount, has a corrosion free, steel grind chamber, steel blades, heavy gauge galvanized grind ring, stainless steel sink ring, galvanized steel turntable, glass filled nylon hopper, permanent lubricated sleeve type bearings, manual overload protector and drain housing.

Fitting the Waste King

It can be connected to a dishwasher and a properly sized home septic tank. Although it is corded, an electrician can direct wire it . It is recommended that you get a professional to do this for you since it will require removing the bottom place and working with wires and connecting them to a switch while making sure there is no electrical ground.

Fitting the unit is straightforward and, if you’re replacing an existing Waste King with this then you’ll find the twist-to-lock system really simple and quick:, simply unclip the old and replace with the new device: it’ll take 10mins tops! If you’re changing from one garbage disposal manufacturer to another, for example from an Insinkerator to a Waste King, then you’ll need to swap the flange under the sink, which will take a little longer. In either case, this unit simply plugs into the wall socket, so there are no problems with the electrical side of the installation.


Unfortunately, due to its size and motor power, it cannot handle tough raw vegetable peels like potatoes on a continuous basis. However, you can sneak in a few once in a while and not worry about jamming the system. With proper care and maintenance, this unit should last a long time way past the 2 year warranty and over 10 years.

Smaller garbage disposals with limited power also have a tendency to jam and the L-111 is vulnerable to jamming with improper use. Unfortunately, it does not have reverse, override, or a hexagonal socket so you will have to manually work your way and dislodge whatever is jamming the system. A wrench will not work because it will not fit so you will have to find a stick slim enough to nudge the food out like a wooden broom or spoon.  However, do make sure to unplug the unit before trying this.

Size and Plumbing

If you are not sure about the fit for your sink, the L-111 is one of the best ones to get because it fits all sink openings with its universal standard size. However, it does not come with a switch to turn it on and off. This you will have to buy separately. The L-111 package comes with the disposal unit, power cord (attached), elbow (ABS) PVC pipe, and sink mounting bracket. If you have 2 sinks, you will need to purchase additional parts.

This model from King Waste is also cheaper than the Badger but is of higher quality and of better construction. It is also relatively easy to install and will take approximately 1 hour if you have everything you need. However, if you are buying it to replace a different brand of garbage disposal, there will be some adjustments necessary.

In Use

Make sure that you run cold water when using this disposer is important especially if your plumbing is old and you cannot dispose of oils, pasta, or long stemmed vegetables in this unit. If you connect it to a dishwasher, remember to remove the plug or you will end up with a leaking disposal unit.

It is recommended that you buy a strainer (even though the opening is already small) to prevent large pieces of food waste from dropping in. This is a small expense that will save you a lot of trouble with this model.

A big plus factor for this L-111 is that because the motor is not as powerful, it is quiet with barely any vibration. On the other hand. The flange is a hand-tightened plastic part so you will notice the vibration increasing over time and will need to re-tighten it when this happens.

Features of the Waste King L-111

  • The Waste King L-111 has a 0.3 HP (horsepower) electric motor (compare this with others in our unique comparison chart). This is typical of a basic garbage disposal unit catering to a small family; a standard large-family unit would have a power rating of 3/4 HP or more.
  • The unit has corrosion-proof grinding components that ensure the mechanism will last without rusting or degrading.
  • Existing users comment that this is a quiet disposer, which could be down to its lower power rather than special noise insulation or nylon housing that is used in bigger, more expensive (and quieter) models. The unit is compact, with a height of just 13.4 inches, making it a good choice where space is limited under your sink (similar units from Whirlpool are 16-inches high)
  • The Waste King motor spins the internal grinding wheels at over 1900 rpm (revolutions per minute) which is good enough to crush and grind most food waste.
  • Lastly, Waste King provides a two-year in-house warranty.


  • 6.4 inch diameter (at its widest point)
  • 13.4 inch height

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The Waste King Legend Series L-111 is a good machine garnering 4.6 star ratings on Amazon. It is meant for small to medium-sized kitchens. It has its limitations due to its size but it performs exceptionally well and is quiet. You will love the fact that you will potentially not need to 2 year warranty because if used properly, this product can last over 10 years.
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