Waste King L-1001 Garbage Disposal, 1/2 HP

Waste King L-1001 garbage disposal You’re looking at the best-selling garbage disposal unit ! The L-1001 is a high-quality, compact and versatile garbage disposal unit that’s hard to beat. It’s backed by a two year guarantee for mechanical parts.

The Waste King L-1001 Legend Series is the brand’s most popular compact mid-range home garbage disposal and its 1/2-horsepower motor spins at speeds of up 2600 RPM, a two year warranty and lifetime warranty against corrosion for first owner. It’s lightweight ( only weighs 7.5 pounds) and is easy to fit using the company’s well-known EZ Mount system that quick and simple. And there’s no need to hire an electrician – just plug in and go.

If you’re looking for a garbage disposer that tackles the food waste from an average family and features continuous feed operation, this popular Waste King model L-1001 could be a great choice for your kitchen. For a larger family, you might want to look at the more powerful Waste King L-8000

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Review of the L-1001 Legend

The popular Waste King L-1001 Legend Series is a continuous feed, mid-level garbage disposal system that is efficient and dependable. It has a speed of 2600 RPM which is the mid-range among Waste King products with a compact design. It weighs 7.5 pounds and has the following dimensions: 5.25 inches x 12.75 inches.

This unit offers good value for your money and comes with a two year warranty. The 0.5 HP Vortex permanent magnet motor is capable of shredding most home food waste but might not have the power to tackle tough bones and will not work on non-food items.

Fitting the L-1001

Thanks to the EZ Mount system, it’s easy to fit and you should be able to install it within a hour or two. It can be connected to a dishwasher and standard home septic tank. It requires 115V, 4.5 current amps, and 60 Hertz and comes with its own 32 inch power cord. Don’t forget to have some plumber’s putty ready when you install.

Components and Build

The L-1001 comes with a removable splash guard, stainless steel sink flange, construction of galvanized and stainless steel, manual front mounted reset and overload protector, and English manual. The grinding chamber is glass-filled nylon which prevents corrosion and all grinding components are insulated to keep the noise level down.

Capacity and Power

With its 0.5HP motor, the Waste King L-1001 Series is good at dealing with moderate size and amounts of food waste. It will not be able to run continuously on large solids like big bones for which you’ll really need a 1 HP powered garbage disposal. The installation will require some plumbing knowledge even with the EZ Mount system and you have to make sure to get putty to seal the disposal unit properly and avoid leaks.


The unit is very easy to install with the EZ Mount system, though do make sure you take care about sealing the unit with additional putty or suffer the consequences of a leaking unit after a couple of years. Leaking is possible because the threaded connector is made of plastic which makes it vulnerable without the additional reinforcement of plumber’s putty.

Unblocking and Jamming

Although this model has anti-jamming features, if it does jam the unit with automatically shut off. You can then use the manual reset button to re-start it once you have cleared the jam.

Features of Waste King L-1001 Legend Series

  • It is lightweight at 7.5 pounds
  • Fitted with the Waste King vortex electrical motor that spins at up to 2600 RPM
  • The design and construction is compact, making it ideal for smaller kitchens where there are space restrictions under the sink
  • The main components of the L-1001 are made from galvanized steel and the finish is stainless steel, so you should have no worries about corrosion or rust
  • There’s a manual reset button in case there’s a jam as a great safety feature
  • The L-1001 features a removable splashguard to help keep your sink clean
  • Comes fitted with a 32 inch power cord and a plug (accessories that are worth around $10)
  • Offers continuous feed operation to help you quickly process food waste in a short period of time
  • Uses the EZ Mount system to ensure installation is easy
  • A 2 year warranty


  • Height 12.75 inches
  • Width 5.25 inches


The bestselling Waste King L-1001 Series with its ½ HP, 2600 RPM motor is a compact, reliable, and efficient food waste disposer for the home kitchen. It’s would be a good choice for kitchens with a medium-level of food waste, though it normally cannot handle large food solids like bones and fruit pits but works very well with most scraps. It’s easy to fit and comes with a two-year warranty.

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