Waste King Garbage Disposal

Waste King is one of the leading manufacturers of domestic and industrial disposers – with its main brand being the Waste King Legend range of disposal units. The parent company, Anaheim Manufacturing, is US-based and through its worldwide offices provides impressive warranties on its range of disposals. Here’s a summary of the main products – just follow the links for more details on each.

Waste King Legend

Unlike other brands, the main Waste King range is split by type of fitting (how the disposal fits under the sink). The well-known Legend brand uses either a three-bolt system or the EZ-Mount twist and click system – which really is as easy to fit as the name suggests! Within the Legend range there are a range of units with different horse-power ratings.

  • 1/3 HP Legend series, good for small apartments, for example the L-111 disposer
  • 1/2 HP Legend series, for small families, look at the L-2600 model
  • 3/4 HP Legend series, for larger homes or busy families, read reviews of the L-3300
  • 1 HP Legend series, for larger families, read reviews of the flagship Legend 8000 model

Each power rating band has a couple of models of garbage disposer with different features, power ratings and prices.

Waste King 8000

Waste-King-L-8000-Legend-SeriesThe Legend or L 8000 is currently the best-selling waste disposer on Amazon and since it gets so much search traffic, it’s worth describing this unit.

This is 1 HP device that is great for crushing tough food waste, bones and corn cobs. It can cope with busy mealtimes of larger families and fits easily under your sink with either the three-bolt or EZ-Mount twist system.

The L 8000 has a lifetime service warranty and its internal grinding components are made of stainless steel for durability.

Read the review of the Waste King Legend 8000 – or check out the latest prices with discounts of 60% on the Waste King 8000 .

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