Moen Waste King A1SPC Knight Garbage Disposal Review

Moen A1SPC garbage disposal The Moen Waste King A1SPC Knight 1.0 Horsepower Garbage Disposal is a step up from the Waste King L8000 in that it is quieter with an exclusive silencer technology which the soundproofing used for recording studios, heavier and bigger. You would want this for a larger kitchen and big under-counter space.  It comes highly recommended even if it has a few kinks since they don’t directly affect performance.

The Waste King A1SPC is a powerful, 1 horsepower disposer that will grind through almost all food waste. It features Waste King’s special sound-proofing material to dramatically reduce the noise of the machine, and a powerful high-speed motor that crushes and grinds waste material in one pass.

If you’ve already got a Waste King unit and are looking for a replacement, this model (like all current Waste King models) features its standard Snap and Lock mounting – so you can twist off your old unit and simply twist and fit the new one.

With a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0, the Waste King is a good good buy for a large family or home producing more than average amounts of food waste and needs to crush tougher waste such as chicken bones or corn cobs.

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Main Review of the A1SPC

The Waste King A1SPC Knight 1.0 Horsepower Garbage Disposal is one of the a larger garbage disposal units on the market that weighs 18.4 pounds and measures 8.8 inches x 8.8 inches x 15 inches. It is made in China but don’t let this deter you: it is highly dependable and worthy of the in-house lifetime mechanical warranty that comes with it.

Quiet Operator

It has a silencer technology that uses the same soundproofing materials in professional recording studios. It is quieter than most garbage disposals with just a low murmur and no jerkiness at the start or end of a run.

The noise is louder than other brands but only if you compare it to those of lower HP and RPM. The noise is noticeable but not overpowering. One can still have a conversation without shouting when this disposal is working. More concerning is while the disposal unit is continuous, it can sometimes seem to be bogging down although this may be due to tough objects that have to be processed. The important point is that it never conks out. In fact, it does not vibrate or shudder when you turn it on or off.

Fitting the A1SPC

This Waste King garbage disposal uses the Snap and Lock mounting system which is compatible with most current mounting systems especially the 3 bolt mount system.  It is made of a single stainless one-pass stainless steel chamber with full armor plating and can reach 2700 RPM with its permanent magnet motor which makes it possible to rip through bones, tough peels, and almost all disposable perishable  garbage found in a kitchen. The company does list the items that cannot be used with this disposal unit.

There are metal and rubber parts as well as glass nylon plastic parts which may make it appear to be less durable. Again, these parts are not easily broken or damaged. It comes with drain elbow, its own 36 inch power cord at 115v, 7 current amps and 60 Hertz but it is recommended that you install a switch rather than pulling out the cord whenever you need to shut it off. It is also possible to hard wire the unit although unless you have experience doing this, you should get a professional to install the system for you.

The installation remains the main issue with all Waste King garbage disposal units which is why the company recommends that a professional plumber be used to install the system especially if you are planning to connect it to the dishwasher and septic tank. For example, if you have an old Insinkerator garbage disposal and you want to replace it with the Waste King, one of the issues would be the electrical connection. Insinkerator models use split wires while Waste King uses the standard plug. It is also possible to hard wire the Waste King and this may require the services of a professional.

Grinding Components

This Waste King A1SPC continuous feed model is 1.0 HP with insulated stainless steel grinding components like the swivel impellers and a glass-filled nylon chamber that is corrosion proof. You can expect zero jamming and powerful action that can pulverize and dispose of tough waste easily without creating a mess. You can attach a dishwasher to this system and it can be attached to the septic tank provided the septic tank is of the right size.

The 2 warranties of this product are in in-house limited lifetime mechanical warranty for original owner and a lifetime corrosion warranty. The mechanical warranty includes replacement parts and labor or if the unit cannot be repaired, it will be replaced at no extra charge.


Unfortunately, the black rubber splash guard cannot be removed so you will have to settle with cleaning just the top and sides. This should not be a big problem since the power of the A1SPC Knight is so strong, no food debris is expected to cling to the underside of the guard and cause any kind of blockage. Unlike the L800, the splash guard of this model is simple and without fussy branding.

The biggest issue then is the size and weight. It will not fit under small spaces so it is crucial to check your available space with the dimensions of this model. You may have to downgrade to a smaller model and suffer the slight inconvenience of a louder disposal unit in your kitchen.


  • Exclusive Silencer Technology, same material used to sound-proof music studios
  • New Snap and Lock Mount easily replaces most existing disposers
  • 2700 RPM Motor smashes through toughest waste with ease
  • No multi-stage chambers needed, Motor powers through waste in one pulverizing pass


  • The vortex electric motor provides 1 horsepower grinding and spins at 2700 rpm. The unit is normally hardwired to your electrical system


  • Height: 15 inches
  • Width: 8.8 inches
  • Depth: 8.8 inches


  • Lifetime in-home warranty; lifetime corrosion warranty

Make sure you find the best price – with discounts of over 60%


The Waste King A1SPC Knight 1.0 Horsepower Garbage Disposal comes highly recommended by both professional plumbers and homeowners. It is even ideal for apartment buildings because it is powerful, dependable and does not have a history of breaking down. If it does, there is the limited lifetime in-house mechanical warranty and the lifetime corrosion warranty. This model gets a high 4.6 rating on Amazon which it deserves for being value for money.

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