Waste King 3101 ISE Adapter Kit

Waste King 3101 3-Bolt Adapter, Pack of 1, Black

Here’s the problem: Waste King and InSinkErator are the two main brands in the food waste disposer market but the they have two different mounting mechanisms to attach their disposers to the bottom of your kitchen sink. Almost all other plumbing supplies and pipe-work has become standardised, but these mounts are different.

The solution is to buy an adapter kit. This simple adapter allows you to attach a Waste King disposer to a sink that is already fitted with an InSinkErator mounting. The adapter retails for $19 (but check today’s price for up to a great 40% discount) and is simple to fit.

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Do you really need this kit?

I know I’m running a review and shopping site, but in fact, you probably don’t need this kit. If you have an old InSinkErator unit fitted under your sink, remove it from the 3-bolt mounting and you can then remove the mounting itself. Your new Waste King food waste disposer unit includes a new mounting that fits onto the sink. You might want to keep the old mounting because you have a non-standard sink, but it’s very unlikely.

  • Allows you to fit a Waste King unit (with EZ mount flange) to an InSinkErator 3-Bolt mount on your sink
  • Means you can swap out an old InSinkErator garbage disposal unit and replace with a Waste King
  • Adapts 3-bolt mount sink flange to Waste King EZ mount flange
  • Adapts ISE sink flange to Waste King EZ mount flange
  • Available in black


Read the reviews of existing customers – many of them have used the adapter kit, but plenty found that it wasn’t necessary.

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