Waste King 1025 Sink Stopper and Splash Guard for EZ Mount Disposers

waste king splash guardThe Waste King range of food waste disposal units feature a neoprene rubber splash guard that fits into the sink drain hole to prevent food waste splashing back into the sink. However, the rubber can start to deteriorate with age or get torn or damaged. The good news is that they’re easy to replace and fit – and cost just a few dollars (find today’s low price with discounts of up to 35%).

This replacement pack includes both a replacement splash guard and a new sink stopper. The pair fit any Waste King unit that features its EZ Mount system (this is the mounting system that attaches the main disposer to the underside of your kitchen sink).

  • You don’t need to remove the food disposal unit to fit these replacements
  • Fits easily – no tools required
  • Splash guard and stopper kit
  • Fits All Waste King and Whirlaway EZ mount sink flanges
  • Sinkmaster stopper and splash guard
  • Available in black


Read the reviews of existing customers – scoring it a very good 4.2 out of 5.0


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