InSinkErator Evolution

InSinkErator-Evolution-Excel-1.0-HP-Household-Garbage-DisposerInSinkerator is one of the leading manufacturers of garbage disposal units – with its main brand being the InSinkErator Evolution range of disposers. The parent company, Emerson, is US-based with offices worldwide – and provides great customer service and impressive warranties on its products. Let’s take a quick look at the range of InSinkErator garbage disposal units and their reviews.

InSinkErator Evolution Garbage Disposal

The main Evolution brand splits into five core product sets:

  • Evolution Excel
  • Evolution Essential
  • Evolution Compact
  • Evolution Cover Control Plus
  • Evolution Septic Assist

These each contain a number of different disposers with different features, power ratings and prices. I’ll describe the main characteristics of each unit, together with InSinkErator garbage disposal reviews to help you choose the right model for your needs.

Evolution Excel

The premium range from InSinkErator – delivering high power with 1HP (one horsepower) motors, low noise through its sound insulation, and multiple grinding stages to ensure even tough food waste is disposed quickly and effectively.

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Evolution Essential

The general-purpose range of disposers; these provide power and features to suit most homes – with good noise insulation and strong construction materials to offer good reliability.

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Evolution Compact

As you might guess from its name, this range has all the features of the Essential range but in a smaller unit to fit where there’s restricted space under the sink. A good choice for apartments and smaller kitchens.

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Evolution Cover Control Plus

The majority of the other models are continuous operation (that is, you switch them on and then run continuously until you switch them off). This model is InSinkErator’s batch operation model – you feed in the waste through the plughole then fit a cover to the plughole that switches on the unit. It’s great for the safety-conscious and if you’ve got young kids.

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InSinkErator Septic AssistEvolution Septic Assist

There’s a special additional container fitted to the side of the Septic Assist that contains a liquid to help break-down the crushed food waste. This is injected into the food waste as the grinding happens and starts to break-down the waste as it travels through the waste pipes. It’s a great way of helping the natural decomposition process and good for environmental issues and if you home feeds into a septic waste tank.

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InSinkErator Badger 5

InSinkErator’s budget range of garbage disposals are the Badger 5 units. These are well-constructed, reliable but cheaper versions of the Evolution range – normally fitted with fewer grinding stages, less noise insulation and lower-power motors.

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