Garbage Disposal Air Switch

Many kitchen installations feature a standard wall mounted electrical switch to turn on your disposer. However, there’s a neater, smarter-looking option that installs discretely into your worktop or into the sink top itself called an air switch.

These accessories are called air switches because they are air activated and allow you to turn on/off the garbage disposal unit. All the main disposer manufacturers have their own proprietary air switch units or there are third-party suppliers that work with a range of units.

You can normally install an air switch in addition to your original wall-mounted electrical switch; being air-operated (when you press the button, it forces air down a thin tube to flip a switch on an electrical socket adapted to switch on or off power to the disposer.

Here are some of my favourite switches that will operate InSinkErator or Waste King disposers.

InSinkErator STS-SO Air Switch

This air switch works with almost all InSinkErator disposal units and comes with a choice of white, chrome or brushed nickel-finish buttons. These are very easy to install – simply fit the button into your sink or a hole drilled into your worktop, connect the tubing from the switch to the power socket and plug in your disposer.

This unit gets a good 4.6 / 5.0 rating from customers

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